Welcome to the Yesoidos Project!

A little light dispells a lot of darkness.
–Chasidic Adage
Delve into the mystical realms of Kabbalah. Eradicate the dark side of your psyche. Bind yourself to the Source of all existence. And help Mankind fill the world with Light!

Yesoidos is a visual novel built using Ren'Py.

Download Yesoidos for Mac/Windows/Linux!

Note: This is an alpha release. The current version, as of 02/03/12 is v0.4a10. Please give me bug reports and your reactions at the Lemmasoft Forums!

The latest news on Yesoidos is in this development thread in the Lemmasoft Forums. If you would like to get involved with art or something, that is also the best way to get in sync!

More stuff...

I'm working right now, on a break from college. I finished learning to play a piece by Bach, in hopes this will improve my composition skills, and I'm working on another piece, too.

But, more importantly, I have discovered some more answers to Benny's questions. While I can't really put the answers in at this point without spoiling the story, I have made comments in the Ren'Py code to anyone who decides to look there. Some of the ideas are just guesses, so take with a grain of salt!


Progress update

Despite the lack of new posts, I have been working on the script and story on and off these past few months.

After sketching out the story in detail, including a war against demons and other evil forces, I decided to toss my old story. This is because I learned that the Lubavitcher Rebbe said that there would be no such devastating war before the Moshiäch arrives; instead, he will arrive so painlessly and quickly that we will be surprised, even caught unawares.


Jewish Anime

Hi guys! Unfortunately, I couldn't make demo release in time. But never fear! Progress continues. I have since made two alpha versions with more content.

The main reason I could not release a demo is because I did not have all the character art. To remedy this, I am learning how to draw the characters myself. Now, prepare yourselves! I now the present the first ever, completely....

Jewish anime character!

Betcha you've never seen that before!

The Demo Release Approaches...

I have finished what I hope will be the final graphics for Satan and Michoël. Slowly and steadily, the artwork is coming together for the demo, with the exception of the human character art.

I'm going to try to get all the other art in place in time for the demo release, but I still urgently need people who can draw... people. Please post in the Forums if you can help!

Graphics, Demo release

I am now working on making graphics for Yesoidos. I have taken some photos to use as backgrounds, and I am making some placeholders for the spirit-world characters, some of which I like enough that they may end up in the final release.

However, I don't feel confident enough in my drawing abilities to create the human characters. Help, anyone?

I am planning to release a demo containing chapter 1 by September 19. It is likely that there will be placeholder graphics and no music, but at the very least, the text will be in place, since that is already done for chapter 1.

New Content

I have embellished a bit more on chapter 1, so it now stands at over 3,000 words.

Also, I have a new Kabbalistic article under "Universe of Yesoidos" called "Origins." Check it out!

New website created and functional

Mazal Tov! After months of designing, coding, and even a failure of sourceforge's servers, the Yesoidos web site is finally up and running!

Now that I have a shiny, new Drupal-based web site, I hope to focus more on actually writing the story and gathering various multimedia for the visual novel.

Right now, I'm at a yeshiva, learning much of the same things as Binyomin and Pinchas in my story. It is excellent for getting inspiration and material to put into the actual novel.

For instance, I think I will have to put in something about farbrengens.

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