New website created and functional

Mazal Tov! After months of designing, coding, and even a failure of sourceforge's servers, the Yesoidos web site is finally up and running!

Now that I have a shiny, new Drupal-based web site, I hope to focus more on actually writing the story and gathering various multimedia for the visual novel.

Right now, I'm at a yeshiva, learning much of the same things as Binyomin and Pinchas in my story. It is excellent for getting inspiration and material to put into the actual novel.

For instance, I think I will have to put in something about farbrengens.

If you don't know what a farbrengen is... well! It's a gathering of friends - nay, brothers - where everyone bonds with each other as one. It is usually led by one elder chosid, and the air is thick with inspirational singing, stories and practical directives for leading richer and deeper lives.

I recorded a few of these on my iPod, and I think I will include them in the novel when I finally release it, bli neder.

I've also fleshed out my story a little more, planning more of the details in the conflicts. I'm keeping these plot sketches on my computer, and I have a few pages so far.

That's all I have for now. Zeit Gezunt!