Progress update

Despite the lack of new posts, I have been working on the script and story on and off these past few months.

After sketching out the story in detail, including a war against demons and other evil forces, I decided to toss my old story. This is because I learned that the Lubavitcher Rebbe said that there would be no such devastating war before the Moshiäch arrives; instead, he will arrive so painlessly and quickly that we will be surprised, even caught unawares.

Therefore, I decided to structure the story to reflect this. I still plan on putting plenty of tension into it, using my secret writer-fu techniques.

Unfortunately, during this time, I have been in an emotional slump, and I was afraid that this quality could reduce the shine and sparkle in the story. Therefore, I avoided added stuff to the script itself until today. Despite this, I am struggling to get back on the mend. Reading the first chapter over again made me smile. The characters and story inspired me again to keep going. It's like my ebullient past self, fresh out of yeshiva, was holding my hand.

Be well!