Cosmologists say that the universe began long, long ago with the Big Bang. An intense combination of matter and energy, comprising all that makes up our universe today, was concentrated in an infinitesimally small point. But mysteriously, that singularity fell out of equilibrium and exploded into tiny fragments, which formed our universe.

Why did it fall out of equilibrium? And where did this matter and energy come from in the first place?

Science... does not know.

Hubble's observations suggested that there was a time, called the big bang, when the universe was infinitesimally small and infinitely dense. Under such conditions all the laws of science, and therefore all ability to predict the future, would break down....

One may say that time had a beginning at the big bang, in the sense that earlier times simply would not be defined.
-Stephen W. Hawking

The great scientist Pierre-Simon Laplace once boasted that if he knew the position and velocity of every particle in the universe at any point in time, he could calculate how the universe was and how the universe will be, for all time. How quaintly arrogant was Science in days of yore!

How ironic, that Science was humbled by the very principles of logic that she set out to espouse! Today, by such laws of physics as the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and the dictates of quantum mechanics, Science admits her own fallibility and limited knowledge (although certain disciples, enamored of her systematic beauty, persist in deifying and worshipping her, denying any lack or flaw). For when such an immense mass as that of the universe is compressed beyond a certain density, Causality itself disappears, and Science trembles to venture thus into the realm beyond logic, beyond cause-and-effect.

The strength and weakness of physicists is that we believe in what we can measure. And if we can't measure it, then we say it probably doesn't exist. And that closes us off to an enormous amount of phenomena that we may not be able to measure....
-Michio Kaku

Such is the wisdom of the peoples of the world.

But, oh! The Mystery of the Origin! The truth is exceedingly deep. So deep, that the Kabbalists cannot help but use allegories and metaphors, for the true workings of G-d are too sublime to be expressed as they actually are. Does there live one who can describe love in equations? Or a rainbow to a man blind from birth? The wise student must therefore strip the allegories of their physical husks to peer into the Foundations of the Universe.

In the Beginning...

The Sages of old commanded that these things should be expounded to only one man [at a time]; and this, only when he is wise and comprehends through his knowledge. Even then, he is entrusted [only] with the chapter headings and outlines of the matter. [Yet, from this] he understands from his knowledge, and he knows the concept's conclusion and depth.

These matters are extremely deep matters, and not every mind is able to survive them.
-Rambam, Hilchos Yesoidei HaToirah 2:11

There was Infinite, Divine Light, pure and undivided, and nothing else. And then the Creator contracted His Light in the first tzimtzum, to create a Void. And in that Void, He created the universe, an Existence from Nullity. This caused no change in the Creator, Heaven forfend; for the Veil affects only the creations. Rather, from the "perspective" of the Infinite One, this has changed nothing; for Him, past, present and future are one. It is likewise with the four directions, likewise with the Four Worlds, and likewise even with Existence and Non-existence. To Him, nothing changed, and all is still One.

However, the world could not contain this absolute Oneness. Absolute love, absolute justice, absolute truth, absolute victory, absolute acknowledgement... these could not harmonize together. The Kabbalists say that the Vessels could not hold the Lights; and so they shattered into myriads upon myriads upon myriads of fragmented Sparks. And these Sparks of Light fell, from the absolute Realm of Toihu to the more tolerant Realm of Tikkun.

Our task is elevate these Sparks of Holiness and create a New World. A World of Light of Knowledge of G-d. A World of Kindness, of Justice, of Truth, of Victory, of Acknowledgement, all working together in sublime harmony. In so doing, we become partners with G-d in the Act of Creation.

"'I strove and found not' - believe this not. 'I strove not, yet I found' - believe this not. 'I strove and I found' - believe this."

But - believe not one who claims to have found all. For none know all, except for the Infinite One.

And this means that no matter how deep one has reached, there remain further depths yet unexplored. Do not be afraid of being stopped by a wall; for beyond the wall Infinity awaits. Do not seek to avoid it. Rather, from the outset, leap over walls, and quest for Infinity! For then, the Infinite One will reach out to you.