Yearning to See

Children of the Inner Chamber, who yearn
To see the radiance of Z'ëir Anpin!

Be here at this meal,
For in it, the King is in revelation....

See of Him, that it is His revealed [Desire]
To nullify all the [intervening] shells!

B'nei heicholo dichsifin
L'mechezei ziv diz'ëir anpin;

Y'hoin hocho b'hai tako,
D'veih malko b'gilufin....

R'ü dileih, d'galei leih,
L'vatolo b'chol k'lifin.

"Why is it that we bless all the months of the year except for the month of Tishrei?"

Why indeed? For Tishrei is an awesome month. Were we permitted to bless only one month, would we not choose to bless Tishrei? Why should it be left out?

For the first day of Tishrei is Rosh HaShana, the birthday of the world! It is proclaimed in the day's liturgy, "Today the world was born!" Awesome energies are released on this day, as the world is judged for sustenance, and every living being is apportioned its share for the year. Jews everywhere gather to hear the shofar blown, arousing everyone to return in purity to their original holy state! Also, is it not taught that "everything follows the head?" All the more so with the "Head of the Year!"

In addition, the tenth day of Tishrei (ten being significant of completion itself) is Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year! On that holy day alone, the High Priest entered into the innermost chamber of the Holy Temple, the Holy of Holies! On that day alone, we recite not three and not four, but five prayer services, because all five levels of the soul are revealed on this day! Although the lower three levels, nefesh, ruach and neshama, can be revealed throughout the rest of the year, only on Yom Kippur are both chaya and yechida in revelation, where chaya is a "literal portion of G‑d Above," and yechida transcends even that, being in utter unification with its Holy Source! On Yom Kippur, we are on the spiritual level of angels, and therefore do not eat just as the angels do not eat, and we have permission to pronounce the angelic formula "Blessed is the Name of His Glorious Majesty forever and ever," not in an undertone as in the rest of the year, but publicly and aloud! On this day, the Satan is incapable of action! On this day, the Judgement of Rosh HaShana is sealed!

And still we do not bless the month of these holidays? Still, we do not bless Tishrei?

This very question was asked by the Rebbe Rashab to his father, the Rebbe Maharash. The Rebbe Maharash, in turn, related that he asked the same question of his father, the Tzemach Tzedek. The Tzemach Tzedek said that he learned from his grandfather, the Alter Rebbe, who learned from the Mezritcher Maggid in the name of the Baäl Shem Tov:

"The seventh month [Tishrei], which is the first of the months of the year, is blessed by G‑d Himself on Shabbos Mevarchim, which is the last Shabbos of the month of Elul [the previous month]. And through this blessing Jews are given the power to bless the other months eleven times a year."

That is the metziüs - that is how the thing exists and fundamentally is behind the Veil.

But is that all?

It is wonderful to hear about such deep insights from such a holy and wise personality as the Baäl Shem Tov.

But what about seeing it?

The first line of B'nei Heicholo is: "Children of the Inner Chamber, who yearn to see the Radiance of Zeïr Anpin; / Be here, at this meal, where the King is in Revelation!"

When shall we finally perceive the Light of Moshiäch, and see what is behind the Veil?

Merciful G‑d on High! For thousands of years Your people, the Children of Israel, have waited for Moshiäch, and still he has not come! Yet, everyday and every moment, we yearn for him, for the day when the Knowledge of You will fill the Earth as the waters fill the oceans! Let the day come when You will "nullify the intervening shells!"

We want Moshiäch now!

So may it be His Will, suddenly and immediately, literally!